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Pallets are an important accessory for Selective Pallet Racking, VNAs, Drive-in/Drive Thru and also AS/RS solutions. Pennar offers a complete range of Steel pallets in a wide range of designs in both, tubular and fabricated versions.

Pennar Advantage:
  • Our design considerations eminently address all usage needs and day-to-day usage cycles
  • Steel pallets are strong, easily maintained and offer higher application endurance as compared to wooden & plastic pallets.
  • Pennar offers Tubular, Flat Top and Corrugated steel pallets for racking application.
  • We also offer custom designed stackable and ground pallets in bin, cage, wire-mesh pallets in collapsible and non-collapsible variants.
  • Are easily washable and non-flammable
  • Do not break and warp under pressure
  • Pallets are offered in different finishes like painted, powder coated and galvanized.

Pallet supports are roll formed channels that are placed front to back between the load beams to support pallets.

Wire-mesh decking is used as a safety measure on Selective Pallet Racks to prevent pallets or the products stored on them from falling through the rack structure. Wire mesh decking comes in various thicknesses and mesh dimensions. Wire-mesh decking has U-shaped channel supports, also known as struts, to support the load. Considering different usage requirements, Pennar provides

  • Lay-in wire decking
  • Waterfall decking
  • Reverse Waterfall decking

Wire decking systems also help sprinkler systems to spray through the shelves to levels below, in case of a fire hazard.

Shims are products that are used when the uprights are resting on uneven floors. The Shims, equal in size to the base of the uprights, are installed beneath the uprights to level the rack.

Row spacers are products that can be used if uprights are arranged in back-to-back rows. The spacers are mounted between adjacent columns to ensure that the rows are kept straight and accord the pallet racks added strength and steadiness.

Wall ties are products that can used for further support if the uprights are arranged in a row along a wall.

Column protectors, also known as Upright protectors, are protective shields that can be installed around the base of an upright to minimize damage if forklifts accidently hit the upright. Damage to the base of a column can weaken the entire frame and could cause it to collapse. Pennar’s Column protectors are made of various materials such as polyethylene, ductile iron casting, and other durable materials.

Guard Rails & Row Guards are products that are installed to increase protection for upright columns and for human safety when platforms or steps are attached to pallet racks.

Work Benches, Tool Storage & Tool Transfer Systems
Pennar provides standard work benches and tool storage/transfer systems. We also provide customized solutions to suit every requirement. Our products are used on shop floors, in material stores, assembly lines etc. These systems provide for safe working surfaces, safe storage and safe transfer of tools and components.

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We are committed to produce and provide steel based products and associated services for customers all over the world.