Cantilever storage systems

Space optimization with throughput maximization

Cantilever storage systems

Pennar’s Cantilever Storage Rack is a type of warehouse storage system consisting of the vertical column, base, arms, horizontal and/or cross bracing. These components are fabricated from both roll formed and structural steel. The horizontal and/or cross bracing is used to connect two or more columns together.

Pennar offers carefully designed Single Face (SF) and Double Face (DF) cantilever storage racks, which conveniently stores long components Tubes, Auto body long members, cables etc. They can be used both inside and outside a warehouse.

Specific characteristics:
  • Saves horizontal space due to absence of a front column
  • Long & irregular shape rods, tubular arms and materials of varying lengths loads can be placed anywhere on an arm of cantilever rack
  • Provides lower handling time and cost with faster loading/unloading of materials

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