Long span shelving

Space optimization with throughput maximization

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Mr. Y.Narasimha Rao
Long span shelving

Pennar's Long Span Shelving is the preferred solution for storing light to medium loads. Our Long Span Shelving units are offered in 3000mm or more of clear spans between two adjacent upright frames. This enables long members to be stored without obstruction. This also makes such a type of system lighter than a Heavy Duty Shelving system.

Since there are certain limitations associated with the total height to which these systems can be built, Pennar also offers multi-tier systems that allow optimal use of available vertical space. Access at higher levels can be achieved to through embedded staircases and other systems.

Pennar's Long Span Shelving System panels are made from high strength cold rolled steel and are available in dimensions appropriate to carry the designed load of stored boxes/cartons

Our products are offered with a powder coated finish and a wide colour choice. Customers can also choose a combination of galvanized + powder coated finish.

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