Multi tier shelving

Space optimization with throughput maximization

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Mr. Y.Narasimha Rao
Multi tier shelving

Multi-tier Heavy Duty Shelving is a customized variant of Heavy Duty Storage Systems used to maximise the utilization of the vertical space in a warehouse or store area.

The clusters and units of Pennar's Multi-tier Heavy Duty Shelving system are built at multiple levels (limited by the floor area and height of storage available). Each level of storage can be accessed by staircases, walk way mezzanine floors, main aisles and cross aisles. Goods and people movement can also be automated by use of goods cum passenger lifts, gravity chutes, conveyors, etc., depending on our customers' needs. These handling systems are incorporated within the shelving system area for optimal use of space available and to achieve best throughput of material storage and retrieval.

Our products are offered with a powder coated finish and a wide colour choice. Customers can also choose a combination of galvanized + powder coated finish.

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