Heavy duty shelving systems

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Mr. Y.Narasimha Rao
Heavy duty shelving systems

Heavy Duty Shelving is the preferred storage system in scenarios where mechanized equipment is not used for depositing or picking the loads from storage levels, and is used to store non-palletized goods. Pennar's Heavy Duty Shelving systems are manufactured using the highest quality of material and provide superior strength, stability, and safety.

The shelves or panels rest on the horizontal load beams that are held in place by connectors engaging with the holes in upright beams. The beam levels can be easily adjusted to different heights to accommodate various load & pallet sizes. This is convenient for a warehouse that needs large volume of boxes or cartons to be stored in standard or customized sizes.

Specific characteristics:
  • Pennar offers multiple decking options to best accommodate goods, such as steel panels, gratings, chequered plate & wooden floor.
  • It is also used to support shelving mezzanines and mezzanine floors can be built on top of the shelving
  • Our Heavy Duty Shelving helps in managing a variety of items by providing multi-tier systems
  • We provide customised loading levels based on height of stock keeping units (SKU)

Pennar's Heavy Duty Shelving System panels are made from high strength cold rolled steel and are available in dimensions appropriate to carry the designed load of stored boxes/cartons

Our products are offered with a powder coated finish and a wide colour choice. Customers can also choose a combination of galvanized + powder coated finish.

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